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  • Chris Olson

Acoustic Singer in the UK Looking for Sponsors

Getting paid to do what you love seems like a far more commonplace idea in 2018 than it did when I was growing up. The notion of influencers on social media getting top-dollar to promote a product to their followers by simply wearing it in one picture would have seemed ridiculous when I was kid. Such a career was exclusively for actors, rock stars, and models.

Spotify Artist Sponsors

Nowadays getting money to support your art seems like an easier path to tread but is it really? What's the return for the sponsor? And what separates you from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other worthy artists who may have their acoustic music on Spotify (like me) ready to connect with another brand or organisation?

Niche Marketing

You have to think about the sponsor's reasons for perhaps collaborating with a Spotify Artist. There isn't really a need for big brands to get involved with small, fairly unknown singer-songwriters, especially when their logos are plastered across the biggest venues in the UK already.

Find the smaller brands, or at the very least the niche products of bigger brands, to reach out to. These guys are looking for promotion too and may be more interested in what you have to say.

Make a Proposal

As with everything, planning is key. Don't just message them on Facebook and say "Gimme your money". Do your research and find out ways in which a partnership would be mutually beneficial.

Start your proposal with an opening about how great they are and that you are already a fan (regardless of them going ahead). Flattery works well in pretty much every walk of life. Then go into who you are, what you are planning, and how you need their help. Offer to do a lot of the legwork and ask to speak to the person who would be best suited to your situation.

Bear in mind, their social media guy or gal is probably not the one holding the purse strings.

Once you have that name or contact, get in touch and find out how a relationship can work with clear goals and objectives.

If there are any sponsors looking to promote me by the way (hello, howdy do) drop me a message on my contact page ;)



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