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Chris Olson:  Videos

This is the official Music Video for "Mud & Rain" by Chris Olson. I made this myself using stock videos and tried to create a hospital-esque narrative that was as close to the song's origins as possible. Mud & Rain, as a song, is about my family's experience during the final years of my dad's life - with a lot of ambulances, hospitals, and "sitting in chairs".

Whether it's Chris Olson originals you are looking for, or these acoustic covers, there is plenty to watch over on my YouTube channel. I want to thank everyone who engages with my social profiles or follows me on Spotify etc. I don't always get time to pay my thanks so please just know that you are really appreciated.

As part of the preparation for my upcoming album "Building Stampedes", I rented a rehearsal space in Bickley, South East London in order to play a few of the songs that were going to be on the album. It was a great opportunity to flesh the songs out, do a few recordings, and generally get a feel for what the record might be like in full.

A "Lyric Video" seemed to be all the rage when I had this made for my song Dirty Summer. It's not something I particularly think showcases the song that well but I know people like to read the lyrics. I do plan to make a new version of these myself, something which explores the song's themes of identity better. I do love the song though, search Dirty Summer by Chris Olson wherever you get your music and make sure you listen to the Remastered version.

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