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  • Chris Olson

Dermot Kennedy Power Over Me Spotify music review

Having discovered Dermot Kennedy using an artist radio on Noah Kahan, and falling in total love for his track A closeness, I have since been tracking his acoustic music on Spotify.

In the build-up to his latest release, Power Over Me, Kennedy expressed a large excitement to his Instagram followers about sharing the song with them, and I can see why. The music is thoroughly entwined with what makes his sound so appealing to 2018 listeners whilst offering a refreshing and heartbreaking insight into the artist's soul.

Power Over Me Spotify music review

Combining the classic feel of piano and plucked acoustic guitar, the song begins with Kennedy's eager hums over the intro. We don't have to wait long before a rousing beat kicks in and the signature swift vocalising of Dermot Kennedy begins.

The first verse is laden with passion, rolling through lyrics about the wants of the singer followed by a ghostly pre-chorus before the anthemic chorus drops and we are treated to a stunning melody. My my.

"Everything I hold dear resides in those eyes".

The submission of Kennedy in the lyrics is obvious, utterly desiring the affections of someone else and willing to sacrifice anything. This theme is then complemented superbly by the contrast of pacing, especially during the stripped back bridge which lets Kennedy riff the chorus with his grizzly vocals before a sombre and regretful outro reigns for the remainder of the song.

Arguably one of the best songs to try out if you are looking for an entryway into the music of Dermot Kennedy. It has the rough and ready style of his acoustic music with power ballad trimmings and a thumping bear to boot.

Assuming this is the start of a new record from the artist we wait with bated breath to see what emerges. If this first single is anything to go by we will want him to be the king in our story.

Check out my acoustic music on Spotify and follow my official playlist which now features two Dermot Kennedy tracks - A closeness and of course Power Over Me.

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