We have all been there. Sitting in front of Spotify on your computer, or on the phone in your hand, and not knowing what the hell to listen to!  No matter how many recommendations they offer, we usually end up playing the same old bands and artists because we love routine. 


Well, if you are looking for acoustic music on Spotify, why not try looking me up? Search Chris Olson and find the black and white picture of me (which is the album cover for my solo E.P. "For Emma"). 


You can also use the Spotify player that is on this page, or choose to FOLLOW me using the icon lower down the page. There, you will also see an option to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, which I heartily recommend. Well, I would, wouldn't I?


There are plenty of great acoustic singers on Spotify and I don't pretend to be among the best of them. No, I just put my music out into the world and really get a kick out of knowing that people can, and sometimes do, listen to it. 


Also, if you subscribe to me on Spotify, you will have first access to any new albums I release. 

Acoustic Music on Spotify Blog Articles


I have recently been posting articles on my blog about my acoustic music on Spotify, be sure to check these out as they have lots of useful tips for artists and musicians, especially if you are an Acoustic Singer UK.


Some of my articles include tips for sharing your music to social media from Spotify or creating Artist Playlists that include your favourite tracks found on the platform. 


Use the feeder at the bottom of the screen to find and view my latest posts. 



Acoustic Music on Spotify UK

This is my most recent addition to my official Spotify page. White Cloud is an acoustic song that I wrote whilst at Uni. You can find out more details about the song on this website under the Acoustic Songs drop-down and going to the White Cloud page. 


Be sure to find the song on Spotify though by searching Chris Olson Music and/or White Cloud.


Why not add it to an acoustic music playlist you have going on? We all know you have one!

One of my proudest moments as an acoustic singer in the UK was writing this song. I still love playing it and listening to it. 


To have it as part of my official Artist Playlist on Spotify is awesome! Be sure to subscribe to that playlist, by the way, it is chock full of awesome acoustic music. 


Search for Chris Olson Music on Spotify. Let me know, in your kindest words, what you think!

Not a song about sleeping, this is actually a song about long distance relationships. 


Another song from my "For Emma" E.P. I love having this acoustic track on Spotify and have found it is one of my songs I like to come back to. 


Since making my music website it has been wonderful to rediscover my passion for me earlier songwriting, and Sleep is one of my hidden gems. 


Search for the now! Do it now!

Have a listen to this, as not only is it great acoustic music on Spotify, it also has an electric guitar riff that will have you humming in no time. 


Well, maybe. 


Search for the track on my Spotify Artist page. Whilst you are there, why not give my page a cheeky follow.


My community is pretty small at the moment but I think quality is always better than quantity - and you my friend seem quality. 

This is, to be brutally honest, not one of my favourite pieces of acoustic music. 


I always liked the general melody of the track but could never really fully grasp what I wanted the song to be about. 


It may be a song that continues to develop and I may re-record it and add it to Spotify at some point. 

Search for the song on Spotify, and let me know what you think. 

I used a sliding chord effect in this song which I still really like listening to. And aside from a little dip in the vocals where I was not clear in my enunciation, I do like having a little listen to this acoustic track on Spotify every now and then. 


You can find out more about this song and its meaning by visiting its page under the Acoustic Songs drop-down. 


As always, search for and find the track on my Spotify page. 


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