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Chris Olson:  Reviews

Chris Olson Interview

"One thing that sets Chris apart is his ability to craft songs that stick with you long after they’ve ended. His catchy musical hooks, introspective lyrics, and inventive song structures all come together to create a sound that is uniquely his own. His latest release, “Dirty Summer,” is no exception."

MrrrDaisy, Music Arenagh

Chris Olson Dirty Summer Review

"Right from the start, there’s no doubting that “Dirty Summer” has good intentions — it’s clever, outspoken, and at times very catchy. Moreover, it registers as a record with real significance because of its visceral lyrical moments. Chris Olson is a perfectly good songwriter, with a keen ear for memorable hooks, insightful lyrics, and satisfying song structure, all of which leave a lasting impression on this record."


Chris Olson music review

"Fans of Britpop, Indie Rock and Soft Rock rejoice, Chris Olson's latest release "Dirty Summer (Remastered)" is the perfect blend of classic sound with a fresh twist. This first single from his upcoming album, "Building Stampedes", is a reflection on the ups and downs of teenage life, with a road trip vibe that transports listeners back to those nostalgic days."

El News

"This exquisite tune actually features a traditional folk melody that is seamlessly blended with a dash of alternative country, with hints of rock escaping through as the track gains pace. Detail-oriented and exuding a fully-realized and graciously nurtured arrangement that recalls the sound of the great singer/songwriter hits of the 1970s, this is an easy recommendation for any and all folk, country and rock fans - particularly those who appreciate punctilious song crafts as the one displayed here."

Certified Bop

Chris Olson Music Review

"For the melody, Chris brings a country that helps in storytelling and when expressing emotions combined with a touch of indie rock. His voice is also powerful and delivers a certain aggressiveness that goes very well with the lyrics."

Christine de Souza, Music For All

Music review Chris Olson

"As someone who possesses a knack for timeless standards, this acoustic cover artist cum musician based out of London has got that unique voice and phrasing that make his music relatable, infectious, and relevant."

Delvin, Tunepical

Chris Olson review Daily Music Spin

"His own sound is a culmination of visionary, forward-thinking, glistening, and somewhat mesmerizing soundscapes backed by tenderness and a soulful vibe to appeal to a wider fan base. His 2009 "For Emma" EP introduced to the music world an artist with a good ear for sound design and a knack for hit melodies!"

Daily Music Spin

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