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  • Chris Olson

Hold My Girl acoustic cover

Having listened to George Ezra quite a few times, he has become one of my regular artists when looking for acoustic music on Spotify.

His first album made him a mainstream sensation and his second has cemented his place as one of the top acoustic singers in the UK.

One track from the new album, Hold My Girl, was an ideal choice for my Acoustic Covers UK playlist on YouTube.

As you will see if you read up on the reasons why I have chosen to cover this song (either on my Acoustic Covers page or in the YouTube description of the video), my main motivation for wanting to do a version is because of my baby daughter.

This song has such a lovely passion to it and it makes me fully connect with the need to hold my girl at least once a day (if I am honest, I probably give her about 50 cuddles a day, but that is my right).

I am pretty happy with this cover considering it's just me, my guitar and my phone doing the recording. My daughter was too busy to join the video otherwise it would have been a nice moment :D.

I had learned a few other George Ezra songs in the past, such as Budapest and others from the first album, but I hope Hold My Girl remains in my catalogue for years to come. It has a simplicity to the chords that allows the poignant lyrics to shine. Also, as a mainstream artist, I hope if I every perform my acoustic cover at an open mic night, or something similar, the audience may sing along. Choosing an acoustic cover is really important and timing is everything!

One confession: there is a section at the end of the bridge where I stay on the G chord when it should be the D. Really annoyed I messed this bit up as the build up is wonderful.

Aside from that I am very happy to share this Hold My Girl acoustic cover. Have a listen, let me know what you think, and share with everyone you can find who might enjoy it...even George himself.

Although I already did that and he didn't react. Fair enough.

Peace, love, and hugs,

Chris Olson Music.

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