It's one of the most fun aspects of being a UK Acoustic Singer, being able to do covers of all your favourite artists. No genre is exempt, and if you add in some creativity and originality, your acoustic cover could become legendary.


Over the years as a musician, I have tried my hand at many songs that have taken my fancy. The results have been...mixed shall we say. It takes an acoustic singer quite a while to find that sweet spot, by which I mean the range in which their voice does not sound like a dying cat being steamrolled by Jabba the Hut.


On this page you will be able to see some of my YouTube videos of UK acoustic covers. The channel at the time of writing this is still growing, so if you haven't already, make sure you head over there and subscribe. 


If there are any songs or artists you would like to hear me cover, please feel free to Tweet me or message me on my Facebook page and I will take a look. It could be the beginning of something amazing, or god-awful, either way plenty of views will be needed.

Bruce Springsteen Acoustic Cover

"Atlantic City"


One of my top songs of all time, this tune by The Boss has a very special place in my heart. 


I first discovered the song during a funny anecdote:


I listened to the song on loop after getting the wrong train and being stranded somewhere in Kent. What should have been the journey from hell, turned into a beautiful moment of musical education. 


Anywhere, enjoy the acoustic cover. 

Brian Fallon

Acoustic Cover



Lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem (who I also love), Brian Fallon is one of my absolute favourite songwriters working in the business. He has mad skills when it comes to arrangements, melody, and lyrics that stick with you. 


This acoustic cover of "Smoke" was one of the first to go on my YouTube channel. I regularly play the song with Jed, my drummer, too. I am hoping to get a live video of that up too. 

Let me know what you think!

Jimmy Eat World

Acoustic Cover

"Hear You Me"


I have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World for donkey's years, ever since their Bleed America album hit the UK. 


"Hear You Me" is one of their all-time greatest songs and it's a song I have played with The Codes and as an acoustic singer in the UK for many years. 


We once did a pub gig where there was a tiny crowd. We cracked this out and a bunch of emos came out to listen to us. It was a lovely moment, kisses to all emos out there! 


Acoustic Cover

"Galway Girl"


No, it's not the Ed Sheeran version. I have done an acoustic cover of Galway Girl, a traditional Irish folk song and one which I hold dear to my heart, for two reasons. 


The first involves watching P.S. I Love You in the cinema with my wife Emma, where I first heard the song. I remember bawling my eyes out at that film, whilst Emma looked at me and was like "eh".


And secondly, when my daughter was still a bump in Emma's tummy, I used to sing this song to her and a few times I got some kicks. I choose to believe those were good kicks.


Acoustic Cover

"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"


Simply a classic when it comes to acoustic songs, this was one of the most important tracks for me to learn when I first started playing. 


I have since performed this live several times, at gigs and open mic nights, always with a smile on my face. 


I'm a huge Greenday fan and I hope this acoustic cover of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) is not too an atrocious version.

The Verve

Acoustic Cover

"Lucky Man"


The Verve wrote some amazing songs during their popular years (come back Brit Pop we miss you dearly!). Lucky Man is most definitely one of my favourites. 


I played this a lot with my band The Codes and this acoustic cover is not only my tribute to the wonderful original but also my time playing tunes with Jed and Seth. Those were great days indeed...maybe one day we will play a jam session and this song will be on the hitlist. 


Acoustic Cover



I know what you're thinking, it had to be done! 

Any acoustic singer looking to do some covers will HAVE to consider an acoustic cover of Wonderwall by Oasis. 

Mine is a little slower paced as I wanted to pick out the sombre nature of some of the lyrics. 

Hope you enjoy, let me know if you do!

Sam Smith

Acoustic Cover

"Stay With Me"


I would not class myself as a massive Sam Smith fan. Not from any sense of not liking his music, just that I have never delved into it in any proper sense. That being said, I respect him as an acoustic singer. I learned his most famous song, "Stay With Me" and enjoyed doing an acoustic cover. 


In my version I like to keep the vocals in my range, Smith has impressive lungs and can hit some epic notes but I can't. 


Hopefully my rendition still captures some of the emotional beauty of his original.

The Lumineers

Acoustic Cover

"Ho Hey"


These guys are a must-listen for any acoustic singer in the UK. Their two albums are full of fantastic songs perfect for an acoustic cover. 


I have done a little version of Ho Hey, which I hope you enjoy. Feel free to drop me a comment if you do or would like me to attempt a different The Lumineers acoustic cover.

The Gaslight Anthem

Acoustic Cover

"Old White Lincoln"


One of my favourite bands of all time, it was essential that I do a The Gaslight Anthem acoustic cover of "Old White Lincoln" as it is one of their best tracks from the album '59 Sound. 

The lyrics in the chorus are so much fun to sing and the chord structure is really simple for acoustic guitar beginners.

Hope you enjoy.

George Ezra

Acoustic Cover

"Hold My Girl"


As some of you may know, I became a father at the end of 2017. It has changed my life completely and I absolutely love having a daughter. 


Whilst I do not know George Ezra's true motive for writing "Hold My Girl" it has become a song that instantly makes me think of my baby girl.


That's why I decided to do an acoustic cover of Hold My Girl, enjoy. ​

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