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Angel Paylado Spotify music review

In my quest to promote more indie musicians and their acoustic music on Spotify, I stumbled across Angel Paylado using the #acousticmusic hashtag on Instagram.

With only one track on her Spotify Artist page, "Missing Peace", my hopes for a hidden gem looked to be unlikely. However, I am happy to report, that there is immense potential in Paylado's songwriting abililty and her track is superb.

acoustic music on spotify

Missing Peace

Utililsing multiple vocal tracks and beautiful guitar picking, this song from Angel Paylado manages to embark on a multi-layered, emotional journey with the listener that is remarkable. It brought to my mind the political poetry of Tracy Chapman combined with the beautiful tones of Norah Jones.

"If tomorrow comes today, today's just a day too late."

This is one of the more melodic lines Paylado sings and is a nice example of her simplistic, naturalistic tone that compliments the use of acoustic music brilliantly.

The vocals become more impressive when she starts speeding up the tempo and venturing into themes about opinions, Facebook shares, and racism, all within the confines of exploring peace. Her wordplay is expertly crafted and manages to create that most elusive of blends which is acoustic guitar and hip-hop style lyrics.

Aside from the musical creativity in Missing Peace, there are also beautiful harmonies and melodies at work. Try to not be mesmerised by her beautiful voice! If an E.P. or full album emerges I would be really interested to see how she tackles a variety of song styles and genres. Having such an impressive scale and tone, I could imagine it being applied to some wonderful tracks, although I would personally like to see these all include at least a small element of acoustic guitar because I think the blend works really well for her.

I have added Angel Paylado's song "Missing Peace" to the official Chris Olson Music Playlist on Spotify so you can check it out easily. Be sure to follow her Artists page and share the love with everyone you know. It means so much to indie musicians.

Peace, love, and keep the fires burning,

Chris Olson Music

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