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  • Chris Olson

Ho Hey acoustic cover by UK singer Chris Olson

One of the best indie folk bands of recent years, The Lumineers are a tremendous group to follow. Both their albums have been chock full of sensational tracks, some of which are perfect for an acoustic cover UK by me, Chris Olson Music.

As you can see in my video (which is available on my YouTube channel by the way), I have stripped the song back to just acoustic guitar and vocals. I performed this during my recent time at a rehearsal space in Croydon, where I plan to do some more acoustic covers in the coming weeks and months.

I really wanted to do a version of this popular track by The Lumineers because their music is mildly comparable to my own. I like to have a folksy root to my tracks and also prefer to create songs where melody plays a huge part.

In Ho Hey, arguably their most famous song, the melody is totally infectious. We once did a full band version of this at a festival gig in Bristol and it went down really well. One patron (to be fair the band's longest and biggest fan) said he preferred our version to the original.

All that being said, my acoustic cover of Ho Hey is a simple and humble rendition and one that has been added to my playlist on YouTube and to the Acoustic Covers page on this website. There you will be able to find lots of my other cover songs.

If I was going to cover any more Lumineers tracks, it would probably be something like Gale Song (which is utterly beautiful), Slow It Down (which has such wonderful lyrics and atmosphere), or Ophelia (although I would prefer to have a talented pianist to accompany me for that, so if anyone reading this music blog article wants to get involved let me know).

In the coming weeks I will be promoting my acoustic cover of a song by The Gaslight Anthem as well as an original song titled Movie Posters. The latter of which will also get its own page on my site where you can read more about the song as well as check out the official lyrics.

That's it folks, stay tuned for more but in the meantime please tag me in any of your own acoustic covers of Ho Hey. I will be sure to check them out.




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