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  • Chris Olson

An acoustic cover of High and Dry by Radiohead

Few bands have the solid reputation that Radiohead have for being an immense creator of exceptional music. Their songs have not only entered popular culture in irreversible ways, the band has also been at the forefront of pushing boundaries when it comes to sound design and technical skill. Whilst I have sort of lost touch with their newer album, The Bends will always be one of my favourite albums they have ever written.

My acoustic cover of High and Dry by Radiohead is humble and by no means perfect, but I really enjoying playing this song which has lovely sliding chords in the intro and a beautiful melody in the chorus.

You can find a page on my acoustic singer website which showcases a whole bunch of my acoustic covers UK, as well as a playlist on my YouTube channel (link in the footer) which should have them all too.

I will be constantly adding videos to the both the site and channel over the coming weeks and will also be blogging about some of them here. I hope you enjoy my acoustic cover of High and Dry and without further ado, here it is...

How I choose my Acoustic Covers

Many of the songs which I choose to cover have been part of my musical repertoire for over a decade. The acoustic songs which I learnt long ago tend to stick with me if I am able to suit them to my style and voice.

High and Dry was a particularly interesting choice for me, as the high range of singer Thom Yorke's vocals do not match my (rather limited) vocal range. However, by dropping down an octave in the chorus, the song still sounds pretty decent, in my opinion, and I am able to fully enjoy the acoustic cover without worrying about sounding like a screaming cat or dying zebra.

I generally choose songs for my Acoustic Covers UK playlist based on bands that I have a fondness for too. Radiohead are definitely in that category and I have done covers of Creep, Street Spirit, and Karma Police in the past. Having just written that, I am now desperate to go and play those tracks, so see ya later.




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