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  • Chris Olson

An acoustic cover of Greenday Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

There are few songs as embedded in my personal musical soul as the anthemic acoustic song Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Greenday. The song was a huge part of my youth, let along as an Acoustic Singer UK.

I recently added this to my list of Acoustic Covers UK - which is on my YouTube channel and you should totally follow that list! Now, my version is not great as I had no microphone nearby and only used my Google Pixel 2 to record the performance. But, I had also recently put on a new set of Gibson acoustic guitar strings which sound every cloud and all that.

This is a song from Greenday that has long been in my repertoire for gigs and shows. I once played a decent version of it at The Green Dragon in Malborough which went down pretty well. That gig had a decent crowd of younger patrons (mostly from our school) who were pretty sympathetic to my band's humble abilities too, so maybe the kudos were just them being nice.

That being said, after I played my acoustic cover of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) I felt pretty sure it would be one of those songs which stays in my possible covers set lists until the end of time.

I am hoping to do a new version of this cover in the future so stay tuned for that, or I might try and play it live to an audience should I be in a place to be able to play live again - I have a baby daughter currently who is, and wonderfully so, taking up all my free time! She's gonna love Greenday as much as I will, and hopefully will endure my acoustic covers and original acoustic music.

Stay tuned for some more acoustic covers such as this. I am hoping to add them to my website and YouTube channel in the near future. Be sure to follow me in all the usual places (Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram) so that you can be part of my very special online community of lovely people.


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