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  • Chris Olson

Instagram Stories and sharing acoustic music on Spotify

Instagram has long been arriving as the social media platform of choice for so many industries. However, music artists have struggled to find ways to integrate the platform with their acoustic music on Spotify.

Fear not though musicians, you can now share your music from Spotify directly onto your Instagram Stories - including a link to the actual song or your artist profile!

This is huge news and a fantastic way to drive fans (new and old) to a place where they can actually listen, enjoy and follow your tunes.

Sharing music on Spotify

I recently updated my Instagram profile to include Highlights of my stories, one of which is now dedicated to Spotify, where I will be sharing my tracks regularly and users who visit my profile will be able to see each of those posts from my stories.

In my Instagram Highlights section, I have also added my acoustic covers, Facebook, YouTube etc. This gives my fans a quick idea of the places they can find me and what I am getting up to. As I am not currently doing any live shows it does not apply to me, but other artists looking to bolster their upcoming performances could also dedicate a Highlight to their shows.

I have uploaded a couple of my live performances to my Instagram page, such as a cover of Jimmy Eat World's "Hear You Me" - which is a lovely song. This allowed me to reach people searching for the band, as well as acoustic covers, and to see my version of it as an acoustic singer in the UK. This kind of exposure would have been unheard of 10 years ago and is something newer artists take for granted.

Another method of sharing your acoustic music on Spotify to your Instagram page is to add the logo to some of your single or album covers. I did this recently on some of my song posters and in the text I encouraged my followers to make sure they follow my Artists page on Spotify. I got a couple of new followers from this as well as a comment about finding my music - which is great engagement. Sometimes a reminder to people using social media is exactly what they need to jolt them out of scrolling stupor and into engagement mode again.

Stay tuned for more posts from me, Chris Olson Music, and be sure to FOLLOW me on Spotify.


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