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Using Artist Radio for Acoustic Music on Spotify

Using Artist Radio for Acoustic Music on Spotify

It's vast and seemingly endless but all the choice that Spotify offers listeners can often, ironically, leave us chugging through our same old playlists of familiar artists. Whether this is apathy or a more acute case of the human condition being terrified of the unknown is not clear, however, there is a way to take a walk on the wild side whilst still keeping one foot firmly on your home turf.

What is Artist Radio on Spotify?

Well, think of it as if your favourite artist took over a radio station and decided to only play a mixture of their own songs and bands like them.

The result is a fantastic selection of tunes from the same genre based on an algorithm of what other Spotify listeners choose. The great thing is that you are never far away from a track from the source artist, whose work will appear every so often.

Why should I use Artist Radio?

It's a really great way to discover music artists that you are potentially going to like. For example, hit the Artist Radio for Blink 182 and you will likely hear songs from bands like Green Day, Sum 41, The Offspring etc. They may also throw in some newer bands and curve balls, such as You Me At Six, who I found using just such a method.

Is Artist Radio good for Acoustic Music on Spotify?

Absolutely. Find a great acoustic artist such as Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, George Ezra etc and hit the button.

It's not a perfect science and I'm not saying that all the selections will be to your liking but you may find you unearth a brand new artist that you love. Then you can mine their back catalogue!

Tips for Using Artist Radio

If you are hesitant about choosing a playlist on a particular artist, take a quick look at who Spotify say are similar artists. These are the usual suspects when it comes to the radio they conjure.

Also, don't be scared to stop a radio and start another. If Sheeran’s radio is filling up with too many pop artists, try Mumford and Sons. I have found a ton of fabulous music using the latter.

Chris Olson Music on Spotify

Acoustic Music on Spotify

I don't currently have enough listeners to get my own Radio, sad times, so if you can play a few of my tracks or add them to one of your existing Spotify playlists that would be great.

Anyone who does, and let's me know, I'll be sure to follow your playlist :)



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