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  • Chris Olson

Creating a video promo for my acoustic music on Spotify UK

Far from being overly creative when it comes to design, I was quite hesitant about creating a video promo for my acoustic music on Spotify UK. I have recently been getting used to the nuances of editing videos and the like but to create something that would be used to promote me as an acoustic singer in the UK felt overwhelming.

However, I plucked up the courage and started using a variety of tools and content in order to piece together this...

Far from anything elaborate, I hope it seems vaguely professional and not too much of an eyesore :)

If you are thinking about promoting your music on spotify using a video like this, here are the tips that I would give...

Start with the audio

At first, I though about compiling a bunch of my live performances into a video. However, unless you are lucky enough to have a bunch of HD recorded shows where the audio is immense, the chances are they will all sound really different in terms of levels and quality.

Instead, I would suggest using some recording software (however you recorded your Spotify music is probably fine) to create a piece that mixes a few of your songs. This way they will all be good quality and of similar acoustics. You can also set the length of your audio to social media friendly times. I went with less than a minute so I could promote is on my Instagram fees @chrisolsonmusic.

Get a variety of clips and images

I have a bank of performances and gigging photos which I was able to use but to create the intro sequence, I used Canva (if you don't know about Canva it could save your social media life - thank me later). This allowed me to create a semi stop-motion style entry where I could have an image with me as well as calls-to-action that direct people to search for my acoustic music on Spotify.

By having this variety of videos, photography and branded stills, the promo video felt less cobbled together from personal archives. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of improvements I would like to make but I am pretty happy with this as a first attempt.



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