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Striped Sight Rivers and Reflections Spotify music review

Striped Sight “Rivers and Reflections” Spotify music review

Having spent a morning trawling through the usual hashtags on Instagram, it took me quite a while before I came across something other than acoustic covers and worth reviewing. Fortunately, I found the supremely talented Striped Sight using the Spotify✔️ hashtag and from their found their 10-track album “Rivers and Reflections”.

Striped Sight spotify music review

Most of my reviews recently have been for acoustic music on Spotify so this is a little new for me and my readers. Striped Sight are a four piece band and have a classic grunge feel to their tone with atmospheric music being layered with heavier instruments and the raw vocals of lead singer Suzy Severn. They describe themselves as being electro-pop-punk and the types of listeners perfect for their album on Spotify would be fans of artists like Placebo, The Cranberries, or even a more modern vocalist such a Paloma Faith - whose vocals are certainly in the same wheelhouse as Severn.


Starting the album with a great burst of energy, this track is a ferocious entry and one in which bassist AJ Norman is able to sink his teeth and make a big impact. A really cool song that sticks with you.

Peace of Mind

There is a coherence to the album as a whole but a few tracks struck me as being particularly interesting. Peace of Mind being one as it started with more of a spoken word intro that leads into quite a rocky track with a splendid guitar riff in the verses. Guitarist Leigh Colpitts does an awesome job of filling most of the tracks with impressive electric guitar power chords and building a strong feel to accompany the vocals.


This is one of my favourite tracks on Rivers and Reflections mainly due to the sweet beat which starts the track, reminding me of some of Thom Yorke’s solo stuff.

By the time the chorus kicks in, drummer Mike Shaw has you in the palm of his maniacal hands, maintaining a sturdy tempo and letting the song rise and fall wonderfully.

Something on my Mind

Kicking off with a mesmerising piano chord structure, this track from Striped Sight has single power for me. Chilled enough to bring in audiences not quite ready for the heavier songs and a brilliant blend with the acoustic guitar, something I particularly enjoyed.


Any song named after a hipster treat must be listened to and fortunately this is another great track from the album. Another song with an acoustic guitar, fans of hand claps will also be in their element.

Hallelujah cover

Okay, anyone taking on this song must tread's sacred ground. The blend of Severn's melodious vocals and the acoustic guitar is done subtly which is essential for this Leonard Cohen classic. This is so good, I've added it to my Chris Olson Music playlist on Spotify which features other artists from my #supportindiemusic campaign! Make sure check it out and be sure to follow Striped Sight and check out their wonderful music.


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