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Kasper Townes Spotify music review

As part of my recent mission to promote more indie musicians that have their music on Spotify, I checked out some of my Instagram connections and saw that Kasper Townes was a friend. With a link to his music in his bio, I immediately checked out his Artist page and tracks.

Here is my review of his acoustic music on Spotify.

Kasper Townes music review

Fire Flies

The most popular track on his Artist listing, this atmospheric piece (which can be found on Kasper's page or the Chris Olson Music official playlist) is beautifully immersive with a lovely cohesion between the instruments used.

Strong piano chords introduce the song and as Kasper introduces more elements such as an acoustic guitar or the solid drum beat, a terrific pace keeps the listener glued. I love the little snare drum flares that are used like a military procession. There is also a delightful acoustic guitar solo which really appealed to me as an acoustic singer in the UK.

The lyrics are poetic and flow so perfectly with the music and melody.

The track reminded me of some of the more mellow tracks by 30 Seconds to Mars. There was a ferocity to Kasper's singing that was being subdued by a tentative music that created a wonderful balance.

Just UsTwo

Not a hundred percent the title of the song is not a typo, but either way this song on Kasper Townes's Spotify page is a must listen for fans of acoustic music.

Such an incredible harmony between Kasper's voice and the playful piano riffs and guitar playing. Similar to Fire Flies, Townes creates a wonderful atmosphere here, but rather than a ferocious one this has more of a tranquility that is different but equally as enjoyable.

The vocal range in this song is also impressive. Kasper makes his way through the journey of the song by flexing some pretty decent tones. Whilst listening, I was transported to so many memories of journeys with my wife which had me feeling pretty emotional (stop sniggering :P).

A fantastic song and one you should definitely check out.

Those are the only two songs Kasper has on Spotify right now, but I for one will definitely be checking back regularly to see what else he comes up with. His emotionally-charged acoustic music is right up my alley.

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