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  • Chris Olson

How to be a good Spotify listener

One of the best things about being a musician is the network of like-minded artists you come across. Even if their music is not to your taste, there is a general respect which emanates when two creatives connect that transcends so many boundaries.

Social media has made it possible for musicians all across the globe to connect and to enjoy each others music.

Reaching out to other Spotify Artists

I have found that simply being on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has included me in communities of artists, with people following me and liking my posts. Where relevant, I follow back, especially if I see that the artist has a link to their Artist Page on Spotify.

I then try to check out their music, especially if it is acoustic music on Spotify, as this is something I like to listen to (as well as many other genres). I often Follow them and then drop them a message to tell them.

As an artist myself, I am absolutely thrilled when someone does this to me.

Being a good listener

It's all well and good using this method if you are just looking to grow your following but my hope is that indie musicians will reach out and start genuine connections with each other.

For example, I recently reached out to an artist call Tall William (Insta: @TallWilliGram) because we were already connected on Instagram and I had checked out his tunes. They are really epic, his E.P. "When The War Comes By" is really cool, I even added one of the tracks to my own Artists Playlist. He said he would check out my tunes too, which is cool. Either way, I am enriched to have discovered his music and it makes me feel great.

If you want to check out Tall William's E.P. on Spotify (and I recommend you do) - go here -

Paying it forward

As a musician who knows a few things about marketing, the balance between art, money, and fame is always apparent to me. I'm really not interested in having 1000s of robot followers. I would much rather have 1 person who has genuinely listened to my music and enjoyed it enough to tell me.

If you are an artist reading this, when was the last time you gave a shout out to another band/artist? Whether karma decides to reward you or not, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside simply because you know how happy it would make you feel if someone did that for you.

Kisses and love,

Chris Olson Music.


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