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  • Chris Olson

Brand new rehearsal space in Croydon

As an acoustic singer UK, I am always on the hunt for a rehearsal space that suits my needs. I am currently working in Croydon, gotta pay them bills, so I have recently been on the search for a brand new rehearsal space.

Rehearsal Space in Croydon

I stumbled across The Front Room using Google Maps and thought I would check it out. I dropped them an email and arranged to come in and meet Sam, a rather lovely former session musician who has a passion for all types of music. From the acoustic music on Spotify like mine, to jazz, gospel, and blues.

I checked out the rehearsal space in Croydon ahead of time and made plans to come back a couple of days later.

What was great about The Front Room

Sam graciously allowed me to use a guitar at the venue, which was really important to me, as lugging my beautiful Harley (Epiphone EJ200) during my morning commute on the Croydon trams does not appeal.

The venue has a larger rehearsal space and a smaller side room - which I used.

You can see some videos of me playing on my Instagram page - @ChrisOlsonMusic.

The venue also offered tea, coffee and water which was great.

As The Front Room is currently undergoing a refurbishment I am not sure what the end result will be, but from the look of the space, it could be a wonderful hub for new and old musicians/bands alike to jam and do gigs.

Upcoming events

The Front Room is not only a decent rehearsal space in Croydon, they are planning on doing lots of live events and even host open mic nights already, which are great for acoustic singers in the UK like me.

I am hoping to attend and play some gigs at The Front Room in the near future and would like to work closer with Sam to help market his venue to other musicians in the local area like me.

If you are from Croydon and have an interest in rehearsal spaces, live music, events and such like please drop me a message using any of the usual channels and let me know. Hope to see you all there soon.





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