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  • Chris Olson

Being an acoustic singer in Plymouth UK

Howdy music fans.

Some people know that I went to the glorious University of Plymouth in the South West of the UK. There I did a degree in American Studies with Popular Culture (I know right, such a clever idea for my future), and spent a lot of time doing the following:

  • Playing Pro Evo on the PS2 with my flatmate Andy

  • Jamming on guitars with Joe

  • Drinking beers and skipping lectures with Josh

  • Watching a LOT of films with my girlfriend Emma

After finishing Uni, I had the sad fate that many graduates face. Needing a job to pay for adult things like running water, electricity and light bulbs. Seriously, I never contemplated how much of adult life is spent paying for and changing light bulbs.

My first job after Uni was working on the trains. I was in the buffet car serving very expensive drinks and food to the passengers, mainly between Plymouth and London. Whilst I was on the trains, I was able to write a lot of lyrics for my original acoustic music.

Indeed, some of my acoustic music on Spotify UK is from those very days.

Recently I launched a music video for my song Johnny Who, which is one of those songs.

Find out more about this song on its dedicated page on the Acoustic Singer UK website. I am also hoping to get a studio version of this song recorded soon. It is one of the tracks that will hopefully be added to the "Building Stampedes" album I am working on.

Please bear with me, as well as being an acoustic singer, I also do a lot of other things. Sadly none of the aforementioned ones such as Pro Evo or jamming. Although I do still watch a lot of movies! And Emma is now my wife :)

Let me know your thoughts on my video and song, it is a little rough around the edges and I am going to be fine tuning these demos as much as I can and uploading to my Spotify page so please FOLLOW.

Love to you all



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