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  • Chris Olson

My latest acoustic music on Spotify

It was part of my Bucket List to get my acoustic music on Spotify, and in 2018 I was so happy to achieve this. Not only was I able to add my E.P. "For Emma", I was also able to upload one of my original songs, "White Cloud" which I thought had been lost to time.

acoustic music on spotify

If you are already following me and my acoustic music on Spotify, thank you so much! It really means the world to me. These songs are like little pieces of me and everyone out there who listens makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

My Latest Track

I recently uploaded a song to my Spotify listing, titled "White Cloud". Hopefully you have been able to find and listen to it, if not use the link at the bottom of the website where you can follow me and see my listing. Or to take a direct route to the song on Spotify itself, click here.

Now, what is "White Cloud" by Chris Olson Music about, I hear you all say?

Well, it was one of the first songs I wrote after the full band album I did with The Codes at a new chapter in my life. I had just gone to university in Plymouth and was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all. Luckily I had my songwriting to fall back on and making this song made me feel connected to my previous life and more optimistic / excited about my future.

It is also arguably one of my music collaborative track, as not only does it feature Joe "Seth" Cattaneo on bass, but also an elusive sitar player named Bryn. Elusive because he later left university without saying goodbye to anyone...

With "White Cloud" I wanted to mix the stripped back verses with a bombastic chorus to highlight the juxtaposition of my two lives, I also wanted to throw in new and different instruments (such as the sitar and piano - the latter of which was the first time I had played on a track) to reflect the new and different experiences of someone at a new stage in their life.

There are plenty of acoustic singers to choose from on Spotify (many of which I thoroughly recommend) but I hope you find time to check out a couple of my original songs and, as always, give them a share with the world.

Peace out and much love.

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