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  • Chris Olson

How to get an audience as an acoustic singer UK

It's one of the hardest things for an artist, finding an audience for your creative works.

The internet, whilst helping artists in so many ways, has almost created a huge amount of noise making it even harder for new voices to emerge with any kind of lasting effect. Just check your feed on any platform, and everyone is doing or promoting something. Making it almost impossible to get your own stuff noticed.

Here are some of the ways in which I have managed to find an audience as an acoustic singer UK .

how to find an audience acoustic singer

Find your crowd

The world of hashtags is here to stay and you need to find yours. When I recently joined Twitter (@chrisolsonmus in case you were wondering), the first thing I did was look up some hashtags which I thought would best represent the music I make and the brand I want to present.

I found relevant hashtags such as:

...and so on.

Once you have found a few you like, trawl through them and see who are the members of that community. Like and share their stuff, leave comments (useful ones), and follow them. This is the digital equivalent of meeting new friends at a gig. Just quicker, less personal, and you have to drink alone which is a bit of a shame.

Get busy making content

There are numerous platforms you have to be on as an acoustic singer UK, and each has different content requirements.

Try to plan out your content in the most efficient way possible.

For example, record a video of yourself doing a cover of a popular song by a new band. This one video file can then be used in any of the following week:

  • Upload to YouTube

  • Upload to a Facebook page

  • Upload to Twitter

  • Take a screenshot and post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Embed it on your website

  • Share to Twitter from YouTube and tag the band you are covering

  • Rip the audio and add to SoundCloud

And there are loads more.

Don't be discouraged

Numbers are easy to watch and disheartening when they don't go up much. Don't worry, that's where most acoustic singers are (me included) and it's part of the appeal.

Use this time of anonymity to try out some of your ideas and change your style to see what sticks. Also, make sure you try out your material on different platforms, because it might not work on one but will on another.


Find ways to build your list of buddies by offering to do something in partnership. Perhaps organise a gig together where you can both do a slot, maybe even do a song together.

Find other bands to help promote and hope they return the favour. But make sure your interest in their material is genuine because that friendship won't last otherwise.

Look for popular venues that you can also look to play at. They are looking for punters just like you and they may just buy you a pint if you can bring in even a small crowd.

Please use the comments section to add any other methods you have found that work to get an audience as an acoustic singer UK.

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