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  • Chris Olson

An acoustic singer in the UK Chris Olson

So here it is...The very first blog post on my website...And I have very little in the way to say. The reason for this is that I have spent the last few weeks and months preparing a shed-load of new contact to populate this place!

If you have never met me, my name is Chris Olson and I am an acoustic singer in the UK, I have been writing songs for nearly 2 decades and will hopefully do it for many more to come. Especially if technology can keep improving and the human lifespan gets to like 800, then I could write a ton of tunes. To be honest, it might be difficult to stay original after a few hundred years unless they invent some new instruments and chords. But, hey, it's the future so anything is possible. Anyway..I digress.

My mission is clear, to write, record, and promote my original music to anyone who wants to listen. I am a relatively humble guy but I also live by the creed that each day is precious. I spent so many years daydreaming about playing music and living the dream, then one day I decided to just do it, no matter who was listening.

So, why would you want to be part of my journey?

Well, the internet is full of interesting stuff, and some shady bits too, so I can't pretend that I will hold your attention more than a cat playing a piano whilst suspended over a live volcano. But what I can do, is share with you my original music which (currently) is only enjoyed by a handful of people. Such as this original acoustic song, Inbetween.


If you are thinking, wow this UK acoustic singer goes on a bit, perhaps he should just stick to music, well you would be right. But I was told that blogging a bit about myself was a good way to create a connection with people and also it gives me a chance to clear the utter randomness which sometimes swirls in my head.

Please follow me on any social media platforms that we share, and also look up my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. It really means the world to me when I know that one of my songs, which I put out into the world like a little Benjamin Button (slowly getting prettier with age), has been listened to by another member of the clan I call the Human Race.

Stay tuned and stay safe, because this world needs people like you! Unless you are proper evil, in which case...SORT IT OUT MATE.


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