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Hi all, 


Thanks for taking the time to visit or find my website. If you are already a fan - nice to see you again, and if you have stumbled on me as a newbie, welcome, I hope you enjoy my tunes! 


To give you some background, I am an acoustic singer based in the UK and have been writing and singing my own songs since I was a young teenager (I am now almost 30). I was in a band called The Codes, which may eventually return should life swing all its members that way, but for now I want to continue writing, recording, distributing and performing my music to anyone who will listen. Even if that is just my endlessly supportive wife. 


On my website, you will be able to listen to an array of my acoustic music for free, watch recordings of my solo performances, and stay up to date with my upcoming recordings and gigs.  I am also hoping to flog a few albums/EPs to anyone who wants to drop me a dollar (please note, as an acoustic singer UK, all funds will be in GBP). 


Once you have taken a look at my site and material, it would be amazing if you could share the love on social media. Use the hashtag #ChrisOlsonMusic if possible, and you can tag my page on Facebook @ChrisOlsonMusic. 

Why follow me as a UK Acoustic Singer? 


There are plenty out there, so why would you revisit Chris Olson Music. 


Well, firstly, some have described me as being a “true gent”, a “bonafide legend”, and a “pretty cool guy”, and only two of those was my mum. So you can rest assured I'm a decent guy. I promote love and decency without getting preachy, I wouldn't have voted for Trump had I been American but I respect people's right to do so, and any film where a dog gets hurt will automatically cause me to sob uncontrollably.


So my character aside, I also plan to use this website for two main functions that you may be interested in.


Chris Olson on Spotify


I plan to keep writing, recording, and performing new acoustic songs which will eventually go on Spotify. 


Fans of the site will get notified first as well as having first access to additional videos, B-sides, and show tickets with discounts. 



My Acoustic Guitar Blog Articles



Some of you may already be reading these, and I thank you. I will continue to write blogs about being a UK acoustic singer, my journey, as well as articles on music in general. These go out to my Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to follow me there so you don't miss them. 



If you have any topics you want me to cover in my acoustic guitar blogs let me know via the aforementioned social media platforms. So hopefully I have convinced you to stick around and to get involved with my acoustic music where possible. I really do appreciate anywho who spends time on my site or listening to Chris Olson Music. 

My latest acoustic cover is for "Hold My Girl" by George Ezra. Having performed covers of a lot of older bands and artists that I like, it was great to take a shot at something a little more current.


If you click the button below and visit my Acoustic Covers UK page, you will see a bunch of performances like this which I also share on my social media (links in the footer).

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