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  • Chris Olson

Free Acoustic Music for Short Films

In another life I'm a film critic and founder of UK Film Review. I have had the pleasure of writing reviews for hundreds of indie and short films from filmmakers all over the world.

Part of the reason I started this website was because I get to meet so many creative people in the movie world who are living their dream. My music has always been with me but this year is the first time that I'm taking the metaphorical bull by the horns and running with it in my own way.

Free Acoustic Music for Short Films

Anyone who follows me on social media will know that my acoustic music is now on Spotify. There is currently a total of 6 songs, 5 on an E.P. titled “For Emma” and a bonus track called “White Cloud”.

It has been amazing getting these tracks out there and being able to so easily share them with listeners around the world (mostly in the UK currently).

Free Acoustic Music for Short Films

I want to extend an offer to ANY filmmaker looking for free acoustic music for their short films to reach out. I'm more than happy for you to use ANY of my tracks just so long as you credit me and the song.

I'm not saying the songs will necessarily fit into any given short film but perhaps they fit a small sequence or could go over your credits. Either way the offer is there.

Drop me a message through my website form to let me know the details. I can then provide the CD quality files or MP3 if you prefer.

Bespoke Acoustic Music for Short Films

If you would like a brand new original song for your short film, let me know. I'm open to creating bespoke tracks so long as I retain full artistic rights and control of the music.

My recording capabilities are limited currently so it can take a while to get new tracks down so as much notice as you can give me is great.

Hopefully I can be of service to some indie filmmakers out there. It would be great to be part of the film world in a new manner.


Chris Olson Music.

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