The tools we use to pursue our dreams are really important. If you are planning on becoming the world's greatest runner, you are going to need some half-decent running shoes, not your brother's hand-me-down daps that are falling apart at the seams. 


That being said, like most people starting something as a hobby, my acoustic guitars were, initially, nothing spectacular. Why would you spend a grand on something you may not enjoy or continue with? Check out my blog post where I talk about becoming an acoustic guitarist (part 1).  


So, without further ado, here are my acoustic guitars, in no particular order, and a little bit about how they came into my life and what they mean to me. 

NAME: Harley

MAKE: Epiphone

MODEL: EJ200 (Jumbo)

SINCE: 2015



I first saw a version of this acoustic guitar whilst visiting my mate Jack in Manchester, where he was attending uni. There was an awesome music shop and a few of us guys were in there when I saw the massive jumbo body and had my Garth moment from Wayne's World:


"She WILL be mine..."


It took a few years and a lot saving but now she is my main acoustic guitar. A lot of my new covers and YouTube videos feature Harley but she has not yet popped her gigging cherry. Hoping to get an acoustic show lined up in the near future because she needs to see the world.

NAME: Clint

MAKE: Crafter

MODEL: Semi-acoustic

SINCE: 2004



My first ever acoustic guitar, the legendary Clint was bought for me by my mum and dad in the lovely town of Swindon, from a Cash Converters. 


They said it would end up under the bed but over a decade later it's still part of my acoustic guitar family. I would never part with it and am seriously considering being buried with it when I pop my clogs. 


It doesn't have the best sound but is easy to play and I know all of its nooks and crannies to play it the best I can. 


A lot of my acoustic music on Spotify was written on this little beast.


Fun Fact: my mate Jack once dropped a golf ball on Clint and I have never forgiven him. 



TYPE: Classic


GIGGED: N/A (not by me)


This is actually my wife's classical guitar, which I play quite regularly. It has a lovely warm sound and is marvellous for acoustic songs where picking is a large aspect.


Teaching my wife guitar was actually how we first met, so this guitar has a sentimental value to the both of us. I am hoping to use this acoustic guitar to record my song "Movie Posters", as it allows for the drone to be picked out and the notes of the melody to be found.  

Stay tuned for more on this page. 




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